Workshop At Buffalo State College Ceramics program And Starlight Studios in Buffalo, NY.

new cups on the way:

new platters:

Summer Time Research at Haystack with Kristen Morgin

unfired clay and mixed media -( I was just at Bread and Puppet before I went to Haystack)

the crew

fun with stuffed animals

it was so beautiful there:

tried many mixed media and unfired clay sculptures

clay and glue on a wire and cardboard frame

who’s poopin in the ocean?
unfired clay cardboard painted rocks

made a few unfired clay drawings/paintings on clay

sold at the auction- i said what?

clay drawing for someone who likes to run

clay drawing for someone who likes to run

some sculptures and cups- pulling cups out of kiln today for NCECA

I decided to experiment with creating a etsy page with some reclaim plates on it- my idea is that the proceeds will go towards a specific non profit organization- i would like to get my friends in on this

they are much fun to make:

Photographing and painting new work: Clay work is in the kiln!



Second one almost finished with construction and started a third;






making some new work for aan exhibition at portlock galleries in october


bandsaw work – sanded then glued together with dowels- this will be painted i think and be mounted off the wall about 5 inches inspired by american weathervanes


Whew- Some finished work for the show- Made some huge works I will put up soon.

New work finishing off work for the CAC in VB!

Not Art Related but.. The wife and I ran the 5 mile Mud Run for the YMCA.
It was FUN! They had pizza and beer afterwards. I am still recovering- you cant see the sticks propping up my almost 40 year old body.

38 and still kicking it slept 2 days straight i think after it
38 and still kicking it slept 2 days straight i think after it

Getting Ready for The Contemporary Art Center ain Virginia Beach. My next exhibition.
These are some of the sculptures I am currently making:

This will be a mixed media version of one of my house people-It will
have clay arms, legs and 3 heads- its about 4×4 ft

my 3 ft and feet and head for “taking a long nap” mixed media 20ft wall sculpture

city boy and country girl- all will have clay heads, feet and arms- might scrap the tree stump or remake it.

large platters about 2 ft or so for more large black and white drawings I might try some cobalt blue/gold.
lots of cups for a cup “installation”
memories vessel







My first exhibition at the Mayer Fine At Gallery in Norfolk is opening this Saturday. I had a review written in the Portfolio Weekly– Not bad I say- Thank you Hannah! Actually its great! This is an excerpt- to read the whole article click on the link above.

Painting is to sculpture as baseball is to basketball. Though trained artists are educated in most media, it doesn’t necessarily follow that excellence in one will translate to the others; same as it is in sports. So the fact that local sculptor Rick Nickel—who has all but mastered the art of ceramics—can also paint, draw and incise his distinct, iconographic images to nearly equal effect…well, it’s kind of like if Michael Jordan had turned out to be a really great baseball player…






Hey ! I am in Penland NC. The Magic Mountain studying with Arthur Gonzalez

Here are some pics

christina cordova in fron of her work

arriving in the eve the mountains appear
the upper studio- about 20 folks here in Mr. Gonzalaz\'s Class

WoW !
I have a Gallery Show here on June 28th In Norfolk At Mayer FIne Art Gallery

We changed the opening reception because of Harbor Fest parking issues the work will be up starting the 7th.

Heres a Link:

Some of the last finished work for the show. I need a Vacation.


Two more Paintings:

Latest pre-fired work- going to black and white platters :


In The Kiln NOW! AGH! Oh please dont POP

finally getting some finished work!

Matt Causey! Thank you so much for showing me this cold wax drawing method!
I have been using and abusing it.


Rick Nickel
The Hood
Aimee Garcia Marrero
Mark Miltz
Sandra Ramos
Rebecca Nichols
Sheila Giolitti
Cirenaica Moreira
Marta Maria Perez Bravo
F. Lennox Campello
Rick Nickel
Show Dates
Mailing List
Suite 252
333 Waterside Drive
Norfolk, VA 23508
Site Under Construction



NEW Pastel Drawings:







My Words Are My Pictures:



Ok -Went back to Just a few colors. Working on this now:

What are they building ? folks ask: well some are working and some are not.

I like the idea of a building as a metaphor.

Started Working on Paper. Paper too small: Work to Busy

I have started painting – even using colors: Oh I forgot that it was this hard:
My clay mixer is not running right- need my voltage picked up so Iam off on a few paintings>


heres my second one- Much better i think:I committed to using colors so I put some down first before I did my paintings of folks. This painting took me 2 days. The final photo of it is not on here. It looks better than this.


I purchased some fun gold paint.




This painting is about future Norfolk: When we are surrounded by even more water pollution and cars. There will still be love. How corny! Its about 4×4 feet . I have 2 more panels like this I will paint. Next one might be about mothers or painting professors in hell – hmmm choices.

Anyways- This painting is 3×4 ft. I took a few pictures of the progress of the painting..

I think I over painted it. Oh Well onto another-


This painting i might just re-paint. Its ugly!


This is about Chris and I , Max and Raven walking in Ghent near the Chrysler Museum.

Its the old part of town.

agh! COLOR! horrible mistress!

The next ones are just simple colors, blug, green, black, white.-perhaps gold.

I am going to paint FUTURE NORFOLK next.

when we are underwater and still overpopulated.




wow ! after 6 years in Norfolk I have a few local shows coming up-
one at the Contemporary Art Center in Virginia Beach
and another new gallery opening soon here in Norfolk.

I am making some new work :

Home Improvementshome improvement- one of the three sides




This is a new painting I am starting about My Art and My Life-

Its part of a series of fames .



Here are four of the new sculptures I am working on:

They have slip on them- These are actually being unloaded from the kiln now. They are on the

third firing now. I hope to shoot these for the Lark Books 500 Sculptures.



I am so tired of some of my compositions; Front/Back

With this work I at least made 3 sides : Progress?







I am growing a mustache


I was just juried into Tablets : Text and Image in Clay at Carbondale Clay Center in Colorado

I had these two works accepted:

suchaclamor_front_nickel.jpg front sidenote1.jpg back : Such A Clamor, porcelain vessel

I really just wanted to draw on something so I made this form. My friend Chris Mostyn has shown me a new way to draw and think about composition. I would like to try to create a sculpture with this way of thinking about composition.

grow_nickel.jpg GROW! Majolica on Earthenware

I made this at Penland School of Crafts with Linda Arbuckle

If you ever get a chance to work with her, please do. She is a great teacher and artist.



I was just accepted in Ink and Clay 34 exhibition. Darrel Couturier and Mark Greenfield juried and chose 88 artists from 650 entries. The work will be on exhibit March 25th and run through may 3rd at the Kellogg University Art Gallery at California Polytechnic, is the work: 1.jpg The Chomley Ladies on VacationJurors: Darrel Couturier andMark Steven GreenfieldDarrel Couturier has been the owner and director of Couturier Gallery in Los Angeles, California since 1986. As a professional, Darrel has exhibited the full range of artistic practices in his gallery. As a collector he has applied a particularly sharp eye to ceramic art. The following are a few of the exhibitions he has curated since 1988 that feature ceramic artists: Fulper Art Pottery (major survey); Brian Ransom – Sounding Clay; Gertrud & Otto NATZLER: A 50 Year Survey; Beatrice Wood at 100: drawings and ceramics; Paloma Torres y Marco Vargas – Mexican Ceramic Masters; Jorge Marín – Ceramic Portraits.Some new work:donttouchthose2.jpgpeopleyouknow.jpgskateboardingmoms.jpgsidenote1.jpgsuchaclamor.jpgwomenwithstrongarms.jpgwrestle.jpg